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Collector Grade

At Dorksidetoys, all the staff are huge toy and collectible enthusiasts, so we know all too well that fellow collectors may want to not want to open items, and in some cases, keep items in mint condition packaging. You have asked us repeatedly to add grading options to give you the choice to choose, and now you can.

We’ve added options to allow you to choose

  • Standard Grade

  • Mint Collector Grade

Standard grade is generally for most people. If you open your items, or want a good condition packaged item as supplied from the manufacturer, then this is for you. It does not mean we will send you damaged items, but it is not for serious or mint in box collectors, as packaging is often cardboard, and highly susceptible to minor dings, bashes or dents from manufacturer, or in transit to you.

Mint Collector Grade is for the true packaging enthusiast who wants to keep & display the item unopened. One of our toy experts will review the packaging for you, and hand select the best in class, brand new, mint condition item that is available from the manufacturer. Our aim is for items to have a C-9 or 90% graded quality.

We will choose suitable extra packing materials, padding or wrapping as needed, and take time to ensure it is packed as safely and securely as would be expected. Our aim is to ensure the safest delivery for your collectible items, and that they arrive in, mint condition.